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An approximate, slightly outdated map of The Location as it appears in Chiasmata.

The Location is a somewhat sentient building of unknown spatial or temporal location where the events of Chiasmata take place.

The Forest Viewer has mentioned that he and eleven other superhumans were in the Location and escaped.  It is currently unknown whether any other groups of superhumans have gone through this.


The Location is made up of rooms and hallways with concrete-like walls surrounded by impenetrable void walls that seem able to appear and disappear as needed.  It contains the rooms the Chiasmata cast wake up in and the halls leading to the central area where they all meet, and presumably the Halls of Arbiter where they now find themselves as well.  It also contains a number of android-like beings, termed No-Bots, with powers resembling those of the superhuman participants.  The structure of the Location forces the twelve newly-minted superhumans who wake up in its rooms to go through a series of tests that familiarize them with their powers and side effects.


The Location is apparently dead, though still awake.

During the events of Chiasmata, the Location appears to have enough sapience to deploy No-Bots where needed, respond to queries by participants, and recognize and resolve the Treasonist's intrusion.  The Forest Viewer has mentioned that during his session it was "a bit more lively".