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Teratoma is a Delta-Class Threat in Electrophoreis. They are a known eco-terrorist hailing from Australia, whose ability is unknown at this time, but appears to be based around physical contact and has an effect on nature promoting extensive growth.

They consider themself a hero, but has little to no contact with major factions. Their threat rating stems from an apparent skill at fighting entities stronger than themself and a current bodycount numbering in the hunderds.

They loathe Cindersoul due to pollution and are also not a fan of Duchess Epidermis in particular.


  • Teratoma once asked the Third Network for help with a problem. After negotiations fell through, they turned to the Benefactor's League.[1]
  • A teratoma is a kind of tumor and this name is seen as fitting, as Minitiate says: 'It’s a really apt descriptor of a powerful-but-not-superlative being who ignores all the other similarly superlative beings’ attempts at communication and just does their own thing which involves creating/empowering life and which is either orthogonal to or harmful to everyone else’s goals, and also wears really out-of-style furry pants and jacket.'
  • They appear on the Emperor card in the Electrophoresis tarot.
  • Their writing style is reminiscent of sober Gamzee's one.
  • As for Teratoma's leitmotif, Land Down Under, Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked and Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows have all been suggested for this position (by bobertlord, k2 themselves and NepetaLeijon27, respectively). K2 said Teratoma can have multiple, but answered 'maybe' on the question if they all three counted as Teratoma's leitmotif.