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"The world is quiet now."
000 and Geist.png
"A god and a monster. Sometimes, I can’t even tell which one’s which."
The Lambent Caretaker. An early design.

Subject-000 is a British superhuman with unknown properties in the care of The Chiasm Syndicate. They are blind, deaf, and partially numb, due to their powers.[1] The Syndicate occasionally uses them for "containment of very dangerous things."[2]

They are one of the 4 notable for being able to successfully combat 564, and are one of the most powerful people on Earth-Crimson.[3] They are also notable for being incredibly dangerous, but not especially malevolent. In the case of an incident involving Subject-001, Subject-000 will be authorised to approach them.[4] Hypothetically, this may extend to other dangerous Subjects.

Geist's power is useless against them, so they are capable of remembering her. It is implied that the two are romantically involved.[5]


  • Subject-000 uses they/them/theirs pronouns.[6]
  • They became a Chiasm Syndicate subject only a few days after receiving their power.[7]
  • They are not permitted to interact with Subject-001, Subject-007,[8] or The Forest Viewer, due to potential for damage.[9]
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