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Saboteur is a fan-created character created by Meganopteryx in response to a power request post by K25fF, later made canon and given her own story in the form of a serial series detailing her origin.

Originally on office worker by the name of Renee, Saboteur was Coldlit while sleeping, interpreting the event as a nightmare. 

Her power later activated as an ambient effect of her stress, leveling part of har town and nearly killing dozens. She was then taken into the care of the Benefactor's League, meeting with Augment.

Saboteur has the ability to sense and promote entropy, in the form of erosion, oxidization, accentuation of tarnishing and metal fatigue, rotting organic matter, and other deconstructive processes. Her side effect is the fracturing of her skin, with a buildup of dust in the cracks and throat.


Despite her horrifying ability, Saboteur is a nice person. She is not one to be worried about. However, she's able to unleash her powers when mad and is said not to be the most patient person in the world.