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Misanthrope is a superhuman hailing from Scotland with the ability to absorb and emit various types of ionising radiation.  She was previously a supervillain known for sabotaging nuclear arsenals, but currently works for the Benefactor's League.

She is a changeling.


Described as a "well intentioned" supervillain much in the same way Teratma sees himself, Misanthrope used her power to disarm nuclear weapons.  Needless to say, many countries did not like this. Misanthrope is now described as very sociable and outgoing, however due to her power she must remain isolated from others. Augment is the only person who can spend time with her, and even then only for a couple of hours before she begins to cough up blood.


  • Misanthrope is able to communicate in the world using a heavily shielded computer.
  • Misanthrope arm wrestled Augment and lost, however Augment developed cancer for a couple of days.