Geneverse Wiki
Main information
Name Mirage
Also known as: Yasunari Kawabata
Specific Name Corporeal Administrator
Origin Japan
Symbol Spiral
Alignation Independant
Door Name GRIP

Mirage is an independant gang leader linked to the Third Network. He has the power of the Corporeal Administrator, granting him control over bodies with foresight.


Mirage, real name Yasunari Kawabata, is a calm and polite man, despite him being deep into illegal business. He is patient, and intelligent to some extent, in the sense that he is good in reading people. His actual knowledge is lacking due to his past as a street urchin, and is still learning some words. Has a passion for antique art, and his own house has some expensive pieces.


  • His side-effect sets in when controlling multiple people. However, he doesn't do this since he finds this confusing.
  • The foresight he has is limited to the controlled person's near future.
  • A side-effect not linked to overuse is that the controlled person can suffer from nightmares afterwards. He has no way of influencing the likeliness of this.
  • His hair is dyed. Its real color is black.