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Dancestor is the ??????.

Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Dina Matthews (PMMM AU)
Specific Name Knight Vitreous
Second flavour quote The one who sees the different lens
Origin Canada
Subject nr 11
Symbol Diamond
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name GLASS

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group. She has the power of the Knight Vitreous, granting her creation of glass objects.

She and Aidan would not get along, and he would also not win in a battle with her. The reason was that she is hard to get along with.


Not much is known about her.

She likes sitcoms, and her hobby is hockey.

Her role in the story Chiasmata

She does not make an active appearance in the story, since she is a member of the group of characters that has already left the Location before the story started. However, a glass pike as well as other glass items of indefinite shape are shattered around a room. It is likely this is her work.

In other universes

She is called 'Dina Matthews' in the AU. Her appearance is based on 'Couture' as is seen in the amount of swirls. It may refer to the liquid state glass is in before it is made.

In the memo, it appears she was the initiator of the memo, but she quickly notes that this isn't the case and the person named 'CKV' (current!knightVitreous) is actually Forest Viewer who possesses her. He logs off, only for her to regain control and log on again. She herself notes that she thinks the plan to meet LUCA is rediculous but also states her taste for Ibrahim, which she immediately regrets. Why she does this, is unknown, but it might be an effect caused by the possession. Ibrahim also notes that 'there is a reason controlling your mind is easy'. What this is, is unknown.

Knight Vitreous continues to be present around and about the memo, despite her opinion already been shown. She starts worrying when Ibrahim makes a creepy metaphor and then ceases responding. When Breach Cutter comes online, he bans her, restricting any further commentation from her.


  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under her (玻璃) read 'Glass'.
  • Her fan last name, Matthews, can be a reference to her being Canadian, as the Hetalia character Canada has the first name of Matthew.
  • Her associated color,  #FF006F, is the inverted form of her dancestor's associated color, #00FF90.
    • Her color is called 'Rose'.
  • She might have been inspired by Damara Megido.
    • Both are hard to get along with.
    • Both were in a group of characters who went through the same trials as the current protagonists are going through, but have escaped them in some way.
    • Both are associated with a red tint.
    • Both are female.