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Dancestor is the ??????.

?????? (Maquette)
Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Melisande Leone (PMMM AU), Maquette
Specific Name Haematic Demiurge
Second flavour quote The one who drinks life and breaths death
Origin Bahrein
Subject nr 07
Symbol Mitosis
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name BLEED

??????, also known as Maquette, is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group . She has the power of the Haematic Demiurge, granting her the power to control inanimate things via blood and bring them to life. The less blood it is brought to life with, the less independent they are.

Although he would think of her as a little creepy, Leonardo would surprisingly win in a battle against her.


Not much is known about her character.

She likes absurdity, and her hobby is sculpting.

Her role in the story Chiasmata

Haematic Demiurge does not make an active appearance in the story since she belongs to the group of people who have left the Location prior to the start of the story.

In other universes

She is called 'Melisande Leone' in the PMMM AU. Her appearance is is based on 'Damask' as seen in the colors used.

When she logs on the memo, she is a bit annoyed when a worried Knight Vitreous says that Ibrahim is using it to be creepy, and calls her 'Haemi', which she thinks is mildly amusing. She closes her reaction by saying that she likes the plan, although she's a bit confused by the topic of what the memo was supposed to be about (a question for opinions of Ibrahim's plan to meet the LUCA group). She then ends with 'cy'.


  • Her associated color, #0045FF, is the inverted form of her dancestor's associated color,  #FFBA00.
  • The word on her shirt, mmHg, is a measurement for blood pressure.
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under her (流血) read 'Bleed'.