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An employee of the Chiasm Syndicate, as well as their Subject-003. She is one of the highest ranking superhumans in the Syndicate. She is often tasked with following Subject-002. Geist is often used as an assassin and spy, with the ability to censor herself from others perception.

She likes to sneak up on people and hug them, apparently a surreal experience due to her inability to be fully perceived.

Inquisitor is notably disdainful of her.


  • Ibrahim refers to her as The Ghost Lady rather than by her power.  The name of her power is unknown, as if Ibrahim gained enough knowledge to know it, he would forget her.
  • She is known to be friends with Alice Hemsley.
  • She is especially vulnerable to 564.
  • Geist appears on the Moon card in the Electrophoresis tarot.