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Dancestor is the Regent Restorative.

Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Hemeros Zarate (PMMM AU)
Specific Name Face Changeling
Second flavour quote The one need not learn a face
Origin Greece
Subject nr 03
Symbol Nested circles
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name SHAPE

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group. He has the power of the Face Changeling, granting him at least partial shapeshifting.

Though she would be majorly creeped out by him, Bonnie would defeat him.


There is not much known about the character of Face Changeling.

He likes horror movies, and his hobby is peoplewatching.

In other universes

He is called 'Hemeros Zarate' in the PMMM AU. His appearance is based around 'Feathered' as is seen in the colors and the actual feathers. The artist notes 'he only has one spark in the eye to highlight his power'. This might only be a stylistic difference though.

In the memo, he speaks a few words. At first, he's confused and seems a little bothered about showing up. Knight Vitreous explains what the memo is about, and he understands. He makes a decision not to join, because '[he] heard the stories about his counterpart' and does not like them.


  • His specific name contains the word 'changeling', but he is not one. It has been confirmed that 'changeling' is merely a moniker humans use, and it is unknown if there is an actual name for it.
  • He is the oldest character in the dancestor group.
  • He is the only one whose dancestor, Bonnie, has the same subject number.
  • His associated color,  #0027FF is the inverted form of his dancestor's associated color, #FFD800.
    • His color is simply called 'Blue'.
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under him (形狀) read 'Shape'.