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"So, how thoroughly did you want that face rearranged, again?"

Enforcer with W1.

Enforcer is a member of the Chiasm Syndicate who "possesses a near-impenetrable personal forcefield and the ability to use that forcefield to telekinetically lift massive objects if she is touching them, along with super strength."[1]

She is Mexican. She is "romantically entangled with" Agent W1, another Chiasm Syndicate member. She notably once kicked Cindersoul in the face, not an easy thing to do and survive. Hobbies include "painting, knitting, annoying Maquette, trying to arrange a rematch with Cindersoul."[2]


  • She is one of the most highest jumpers in the geneverse, compared to early versions of the Hulk.[3]
  • She is friends/'frenemies' with Maquette.[4]
  • She is afraid of drowning.[5]
  • She is possibly the only person who can get within contact distance with Misanthrope without liquefying.
  • She is one of the highest ranking superhumans in the Syndicate, along with Geist.