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Dancestor is the Coruscant Shaper.

Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Kalidas Vazques (PMMM AU)
Specific Name Element Fragmenter
Second flavour quote The one who breaks the fundamentals
Origin Costa Rica
Subject nr 07
Symbol Zigzag arrow
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name BREAK

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group. He has the power of the Element Fragmenter, granting him the ability to break things with a single touch. The limits and details of this are unknown, but it is confirmed he would not win in a battle against Sam Lane, although they would get along.


There is not much known about Element Fragmenter, except for his personal motto, 'But these things are sent to try us'.

He likes farce, and his hobby is video gaming.

In other universes

He is called 'Kalidas Vazquez' in the PMMM AU. Like many of the others in his group, his redesign retained the main aesthetic. However, he is one of the ones whose redesign is fundamentally different. It also features so-called 'Miku sleeves'.


  • His associated color, #FF9300, is the inverted form of his dancestor's associated color, #006CFF.
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under him (打破) read 'Break'.