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Device is a high-ranking member of the Benefactor's League.

A technological supergenius, Device is capable of making incredible technological advances, ranging from nuclear fusion reactors to robotic prostheses.

His distinctive robotic eyes/hand were made during a fight. While fighting.


Device is an airheaded genius. He frequently helps on technical resources, but can sometimes do nonsensical things. For example, he once built a computer nest, but forgot to include an exit. (Enforcer had to break it open). Despite these tendacies, he is an elite member of the Benefactor's League for a good reason.

Device does not have a civilian identity and this might have to do with him being extradited by his home country, Israel, twice.

In other universes

It has been confirmed that Device in the PMMM fan universe posesses a 'Valley Girl' accent. He is also described as 'resourceful'. Furthermore, he is still a member of the Benefactor's League and his design concept was 'an intergalactic prince of knowledge forgotten by time', mirroring Adamant's. He and Adamant never cancel eachother out, and 'they know better than that'. This Device also doesn't have a civilian identity, making him less of a stereotypical 'Magical Boy' and he usually does not transform back. Why exactly this is might also have to do with his magical form being more protective than 'his usual thing'. What that is, is unknown.