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The Cold Lights are the mysterious phenomenon from which the bestowment of superpowers occurs. Infrequently, Cold Lights descend onto the earth in solitary bursts, but annually a massive rain of them unavoidably plummet onto humanity.

According to K25fF Cold Lights technically can’t strike closer than three feet to the magnetic poles.


"You hadn’t been running away fast enough, or maybe it had always been fated for you, and there was nothing you could do to escape it. Everything is so cold, your gasping breaths escaping like little clouds into the spring air. Words in a language you don’t understand dance in your vision, creaking voices chant at the edge of your hearing."

When a person is hit by a Cold Light they experience extreme cold and multiple visual/auditory hallucinations containing heavy symbolism, yet to be revealed.

A list of visions seen by those hit by a Cold Light:

  • A man with iron hands and a burning heart breathing ash and laughing.
  • A woman with raven hair and cold eyes laughing at the folly of civilisation.
  • A child with haunted eyes and a tattered coat, walking.
  • A child bleeding smoke and seeing darkness, alone.
  • A woman who speaks in whispers and moves in shadows.
  • Four figures, looking at the sky in darker times.
  • Lights going out.


  • The ChiasmARG began with a post about a mass fall of Cold Lights over Eastern/Southern Europe.
  • The Cold Lights appear on the Wheel of Fortune card in the Electrophoresis tarot.