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“The Syndicate, since the beginning, has been about the scientific method, and extending this into the world of the superhuman. We are here to contain those that are dangerous, analyse those who are useful, and look into where superhumans come from and what they are truly capable of.”[1]

In [Date], Dr. Alice Hemsley inherited leadership of Kreon Industries, changed the company's name to the Chiasm Syndicate, acquired some other companies,[2] and turned their research efforts towards superhuman matters.[3] The Syndicate conducts research into the nature of powers and the laws governing them. They employ a number of superhumans, using and selling the use of their powers for various purposes. They also host the Chiasm Syndicate Forums, a hub for superhuman discussion, theorizing, and fourth-wall-leaning.

Superhuman Containment Units

One service provided by the Syndicate is the containment and rehabilitation of dangerous superhumans. The talents of their various superhuman employees are used to construct Superhuman Containment Units, or SCUs, and tailor them to the requirements of the Chiasm Syndicate Subject living therein. Superhumans who remain in an SCU for an extended period of time are each given a 3-digit identification number for organization and identification purposes. SCU residents include contained threats (such as fungus lesbians), former villains/threats undergoing rehabilitation (such as The Devouring Hate), superhumans learning to control their overwhelming powers (such as Saboteur), and regular syndicate employees (such as Interface). Psychiatric services are offered to the contained superhumans; Dr. Susan Dachy is someone the Syndicate employs for that purpose.

A set of very powerful superhumans, numbered 000-010, reside in the Leftwards SCU, and Alice Hemsley considers their care her direct responsibility.[4] Various SCU facilities exist across Earth Crimson to hold the rest.

Chiasm Syndicate Agents