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Archaea is the third chapter in Chiasmata. It is the last chapter in which four different characters are formally introduced.

  • Page icon.png The chapter opens upon a new character waking up.
  • Page icon.png David Wright is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png David examines the puzzle...
  • Page icon.png and solves it. The revealing of his powers unsettle him greatly.
  • Page icon.png However, he is still curious. A pink cast slowly crawls up on David, and posesses him.
  • Page icon.png A cloud of shadow approaches, sending the voice in his head away.
  • Page icon.png A second person peeks out of the cloud.
  • Page icon.png They explain what is going on and tell David about another guy and a girl.
  • Page icon.png Dawn Hopkins is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Dawn and David go look for the 'girl oozing everywhere'.
  • Page icon.png The two find the girl, who tells them to halt.
  • Page icon.png Ash Thomas is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png The three round the corner and Ash tries melting the walls. This triggers her side-effect instead, and when David tells her to sit down, he temporarily spaces out.
  • Page icon.png David suggests that Dawn stops using her power. This results in her side-effect setting in.
  • Page icon.png The three spend the next few panels talking to eachother under hypnosis.
  • Page icon.png Anders Hallström is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png The puzzles open. Anders gasps upon seeing that he has to let them go from his power.
  • Page icon.png Anders gets sensory overload from trying to use David's power and faints.
  • Page icon.png David gives Anders a voice, and his side-effect sets in. Dawn gets clawed hands from her puzzle, and Ash also has temporary inconvenience.
  • Page icon.png Anders enters his mindscape and hears Archivist talking to him before he wakes up.
  • Page icon.png Anders solves his puzzle last, triggering his side-effect.
  • Page icon.png The doors open and the chapter ends.