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Prokaryote is the second chapter of Chiasmata. It follows a set of four persons different from the first chapter.

  • Page icon.png We see a person, different from the other four, who has waken up in their room.
  • Page icon.png Jacqueline Jones is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png We are a witness of Jacqueline's hardship solving the puzzle, involving two differently timed balls.
  • Page icon.png Jacqueline discovers her power and solves her puzzle.
  • Page icon.png Upon getting out, Jacqueline slows down a ghost she encounters.
  • Page icon.png Jacqueline runs into a second person who begs her to come along.
  • Page icon.png Jacqueline does so and they explain what is happening exactly.
  • Page icon.png Clara Lopes is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png The two girls discuss the odds and round the corridor.
  • Page icon.png A third person is met. They are the one who are busy making the ghosts Jacqueline saw around.
  • Page icon.png Leonardo Liguori is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png The three team up and duck into the room of the 'BURN' person, unaware that they just entered the lion's den.
  • Page icon.png Meanwhile, the unintroduced character is panicking.
  • Page icon.png Clara finds out her gas is corrosive.
  • Page icon.png The now revealed fourth person is still panicking.
  • Page icon.png They burst inside the room and start accusing them, especially Jacqueline.
  • Page icon.png Two NoBots emerge from the walls.
  • Page icon.png Clara and the fire person have a disagreement.
  • Page icon.png The four defeat one of the NoBots.
  • Page icon.png Leonardo sends two ghosts out to scout the neigborhood and discovers one of the halls is occupied.
  • Page icon.png Clara and Omar send their powers in the way of the occupied hall and enter the other to the doors.
  • Page icon.png The puzzles reveal themselves.
  • Page icon.png Omar Waseem is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Jacqueline takes a try at her puzzle, and faints.
  • Page icon.png Upon getting up and solving the puzzle, her as well as Leo's side-effect set in.
  • Page icon.png Clara and Omar are hesistant to solve the puzzle, and Jacqueline convinces them to.
  • Page icon.png Clara solves her puzzle first and her side-effect starts.
  • Page icon.png Omar does his puzzle last, this in connection with safety. The solving of his puzzle also triggers his side-effect.
  • Page icon.png The doors open and the chapter ends.