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The first chapter of Chiasmata is titled 'Eukaryote'. It describes the adventures of a girl called Sam Lane, who wakes up in a room without any memory to guide her. It is the first chapter in which four characters are formally introduced.

  • Page icon.png A girl awakens in a room that is strange to her. She doesn't remember anything.
  • Page icon.png Sam Lane is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Sam tries interacting with the two wires in the wall of her room...
  • Page icon.png when a bolt of electricity...
  • Page icon.png solves the puzzle.
  • Page icon.png Now she is free, Sam decides to go out and enter the corridor.
  • Page icon.png Sam rounds the corner and a second person peeks out.
  • Page icon.png Sam remembers that she is from England when she talks to this new person. She comments that they are from Ireland.
  • Page icon.png Aidan Byrne is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Aidan reveals that he can make green, solid things.
  • Page icon.png A stone clatters across the floor, startling them both.
  • Page icon.png A third person shows their angered face. They appear to be American, and albino. Sam tries talking to them, which goes off a little stiff.
  • Page icon.png The existence of the voidwall is revealed.
  • Page icon.png Daniel Fleming is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Daniel continues making rules, but the other two are not very willing to follow them.
  • Page icon.png A scream is heard, and the three look into the room, only to be met with a mean-spirited puzzle, resulting in a cut off hand.
  • Page icon.png The fourth person is found on the corner, but has two hands. They comment that healing from a cut off hand hurts more than they'd think.
  • Page icon.png Bonnie Hallet is formally introduced.
  • Page icon.png Upon arriving at the door, the word 'BEGIN?' appears, and later, four puzzles.
  • Page icon.png The three are somewhat hesistant about Bonnie's puzzle, which involves her cutting off her arm. Aidan touches it with a bargepole, but nothing happens. Bonnie sighs and goes first.
  • Page icon.png Bonnie's side-effect is revealed as her puzzle solves.
  • Page icon.png Daniel initially fails his puzzle, but solves it later on, triggering his side-effect in the meantime.
  • Page icon.png Aidan goes next, while Daniel and Bonnie argue.
  • Page icon.png Aidan's side-effect reveals itself when the puzzle solves.
  • Page icon.png Sam finally does a try on her puzzle, and her side-effect sets in.
  • Page icon.png The doors open and the chapter ends.