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Brother and Enigma
Main information
Name Brother and Engima
Specific Name Perspective Fragmenter (Brother); Polluting Scoundrel (Enigma)
Real Name Edgar James Kingston (Enigma)
Alignation Third Network

Brother and Enigma are two agents working for the Third Network who are always together. They have known eachother before they joined the Network and before Enigma got Coldlit.


These two are some of the worst causers of trouble at the Network. Nonetheless, Brother is rather sociable if caught alone and is usually the one trying to find a bright side to an unfortunate situation. Unlike Enigma, Brother is insecure about himself and constantly looking for ways to prove his value as an individual. Even though they go along well, Brother hates when the two of them are conflated.

Despite giving their leaders the reins under most circumstances, Enigma has a crafty mind of his own and can operate solitarily or while instructing Brother. Though he and Brother get along well, Enigma often is insensitive to his needs and wellbeing.

Brothers notably paranoia-inducing power is the ability to see from any reflective surface as large, or larger than a human eye. Enigma is made of the smoke he himself makes.


  • Brother and Enigma's partnership and powers are based on the phrase "smoke and mirrors". This represents their talents of misdirection and subterfuge regarding their criminal enterprise.
  • Brother and Enigma are on the Lovers card in the Electrophoresis tarot.
  • Enigma does not have an alternative identity since it'd be difficult to use anyway.