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Dancestor is the Chronic Sage.

Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Lauren Piran (PMMM AU)
Specific Name Brisk Peregrinator
Second flavour quote The one who changes the progressions
Origin Scotland
Subject nr 04
Symbol Hourglass
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name SPRINT

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group. She has the power of the Brisk Peregrinator, granting her the slowing down time or speeding up time in an entire room. It is similar to Jacqueline Jones' power.

Although she would go well with her, Brisk Peregrinator would win in a fight against Jacqueline.


Not much is known about her character.

She likes old comedies like Father Ted and Monty Python, and her hobby is skateboarding.

Her role in the story Chiasmata

Brisk Peregrinator does not make an active appearance in the story since she belongs to the group of characters that has already left the Location prior to the start of the story.

However, her power is used by Archivist (called a 'catalyst') to fight Brother Dearest. This confirms the fact that the power and the people are two seperate things.

In other universes

She is called 'Lauren Piran' in the PMMM AU. This Brisk Peregrinator persumably has the same power. As of late 2020/early 2021, her outfit has been greatly revised. While the dark blue cape is kept, the outfit is overall more conservative than the old one and of darker colors. The Soul Gem also has been moved from her hand to her abdomen, and also has changed shape.


  • Her associated color, #00FFFF (or pure blue), is the inverted form of her dancestor's associated color, #FF0000 (or pure red).
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under her (短跑) read 'Sprint'.
  • She is the youngest of the group.
  • She may have been based off Latula Pyrope.
    • Both were in a group of characters who went through the same trials as the current protagonists are going through, but have escaped them in some way.
    • Both are associated with a teal tint.
    • Both are female youngsters.
    • Both like skateboarding.