Dancestor is the Perception Larcenist.



Main information
Name  ??????
Also known as: Maelisa Peralta (PMMM AU), Luminance
Specific Name Bright-Eyed Luminary
Second flavour quote The one who rules who they survey
Origin Norway
Subject nr 01
Symbol Wave arrow
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name FLARE

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group and also one of the Disharmonies. He has the power of the Bright-Eyed Luminary, granting him something unknown. He is a changeling.

Although she would severely dislike him, Dawn would defeat him.


Not much is known about his character.

He likes outsmarting people, and his hobby is taking correspondence courses.

In the story Chiasmata

Bright-Eyed Luminary does not make an active appearance in the story since he is a member of a group of people who has already left the Location prior to the start of the story.

In other universes

He is called 'Maelisa Peralta' in the AU. The artist noted that creating his magical form was hard due to the yellow color, which tends to be dominant very soon, and stuck with black. It is based around 'Vapor Trail' as is seen in the blue and orange colors. In the image, he is called 'Luminance', so he might be still a member of this world's Disharmonies.

In the memo, he asks if they can fight LUCA instead of meeting them. Knight Vitreous does not like the idea and calls it 'gross'. Bright-Eyed Luminary boasts about them, saying that they are younger and inexperienced. When Ibrahim reveals that one of them is the Regent Restorative, Bright-Eyed Luminary ceases responding. Also, Ibrahim still 'can't get over that name'.


  • His associated color, #FFDB00, is the inverted form of his dancestor's associated color, #0024FF.
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under him (閃光) read 'Flare'.
  • He might have been based off Meenah Peixes. He and Illusory Miasmic are the only ones whose character they have been likened to do not match their genders/sexes.
    • Both were in a group of characters who went through the same trials as the current protagonists are going through, but have escaped them in some way.
    • Both have a goal given as 'money and power'.
    • Both share a symbol with an upbeat girl. (Dawn and Feferi, respectively)
    • Both have questionable motifs.


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