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Archivist aka Bibliognost aka ?????? Dearest
Main information
Name Archivist/Bibliognost/????? Dearest

Archivist is a former member of The Dark Triumvirate and represented the 'Bibliognost' part of it. He remains the part of the the Triumvirate where no-one talks about.


You could say Archivist is the only somewhat nice part of the Triumvirate. Archivist likes explaining and ranting, mainly about the other three. Archivist is not a bad fighter, and knows how to use time stops in benefit. The used style of speech is often banal, as Archivist is an alien and talks in seconds and has a considerable sophisticated choice of words.

His role in the story

Long before the story started, the Triumvirate voted him to leave for a yet unknown reason. In the story, he speaks to Anders via an orb, much like Brother Dearest did before. However, this does not last long.

Later, he speaks through Anders, asking a few unintelligible-sounding questions no one understands. This too does not last long as the others from the Triumvirate notice him through the NoBots, and he is forced out.

It takes quite a while for Archivist to appear in the flesh. During this, the Archive (which is a different thing from Archivist himself) possesses his body for some time. He gathers the group twice and leads them to somewhere else. He is also the one who initiates the Autobalancing act.


  • Archivist is the only one whose B-name does not end on -er, in contrast to Builder, Breaker and Balancer. One of their alternative names, Bookkeeper, however, retains the pattern.
  • k25ff has confirmed that the archive and Archivist are two seperate things, but that they're not very seperate at the moment.