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Architect, aka Builder aka Brother Dearest
Main information
Name Architect/Builder/Brother Dearest

Architect, also known as Brother Dearest, is the 'Builder' of The Dark Triumvirate. He is the most human of the Three, but is just as deadly as the others.


A favorite pastime of his is taking important things from people and seeing what they do to reason with him. Things like loved ones and internal organs. And he likes to listen to the sound of screaming. Generally, he enjoys designing and creating things as his name implies, often in such a way as to cause as much pain as possible. He apparently 'eats' curiosity and pain.

He isn't a fan of libraries, likely because he associates them with Archivist.


  • The easiest way to make him angry is to ignore him.
  • He is left handed.
  • He appears on the Devil and the World card in the Electrophoresis tarot.