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Dancestor is the Transposition Operator.

Main information
Name ??????
Also known as: Adeline Sadler (PMMM AU)
Specific Name Animus Gatherer
Second flavour quote The one who sees people as they really are
Origin Germany
Subject nr 10
Symbol Plant
Alignation Dancestors
Door Name ANIMA

?????? is one of the characters in the so-called dancestor group. She has the power of the Animus Gatherer, granting her control over souls for a moment. The limits and further properties of this power are unknown.

She is a member of a group of twelve mostly unidentified people who have entered and left the Location before the story took place.

She would beat David, who would be terrified of her.


There is nothing known about the character of Animus Gatherer.

She is a fan of dry humor and her hobby is acting.

In the story Chiasmata

Animus Gatherer does not make an active appearance in the story, since she belongs to the group of people who already left the Location at the time the story takes place.

However, Brother Dearest reveals her power in passing.

In other universes

She is called 'Adeline Sadler' in the PMMM AU. Her design has been revised like most of the others in her group, although the overall 'schoolgirl' aesthetic has remained the same. Some colors have been replaced by white and blue.


  • Her associated color, #006FFF, is the inverted form of David's color, #FF9000.
    • Her color is very close to Sam's color, both being named 'Blue Ribbon'.
  • In this fanwork, the traditional Chinese characters under her (靈魂) read 'Anima', although they also translate to their more common meaning, 'soul', or more literally, 'spirit soul'.