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Formerly known as Iris Hallifax. Created by thehappinessmachine.

" I-I'm not evil! This guy totally had it coming! I promise! It's just too hard to resist sometimes! I can change. I can really change! You have to believe me!"

Anima is a rogue superhuman in the world of Electrophoresis, and an original character created by thehappinessmachine. 

Anima, formerly known as Iris Hallifax, possesses the ability to sense, remove, and temporarily extinguish "souls"(Constructs of energy apparently present in all human beings) , and utilize them for a variety of puposes.

Originally a heroic character, a combination of poor impulse control and stress from the inherent temptation of her ability cause Iris to snap, becoming a dangerous supervillain in her own right. Amongst other things, she can duplicate powers via soul removal, analyze others mindsets, comatize large crowds of people, and sense other humans through opaque structures such as walls.

Anima is a changeling, with a side effect of grey skin/hair and pink, dripping, glowing eyes. Additionally, she is hindered by percieving the world in grayscale, except regarding the souls.