Alice Hemsley

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"The Chiasm Syndicate, for a possible future."
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"How could I have been so blind?"

"The Syndicate, since the beginning, has been about the scientific method, and extending this into the world of the superhuman. We are here to contain those that are dangerous, analyse those who are useful, and look into where superhumans come from and what they are truly capable of."

Alice Hemsley is a founder and the current Managing Director of the Chiasm Syndicate, and is known for being very mysterious and secretive. She has no birth certificate or country of origin[1]. It is not known if she had any jobs prior to 'head of Chiasm Syndicate'[2], and seems not to have even existed prior to its founding.[3] She seems to know doctorate-level biochemistry, along with degree-level quantum physics, and can speak "English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Navajo and Latin to varying degrees of proficiency".[4]

Although she does not possess a superpower, she is one of the most powerful people on Earth-Crimson during Electrophoresis.[5] She has "tangled with" a superhuman and won.[6] Her trademark longcoat is bulletproof.

She seems to live within the Syndicate building. She has been seen eating only once, and has claimed to be tired multiple times.[7] She is apparently "human to within reasonable tolerances."[8]

She keeps a collection of notebooks, written in an impenetrable code, in her office. She has been seen observing the light fixtures in museums.


  • She was associated with Centuries by Fall Out Boy.
  • Multiple assassination attempts have been made on her life.
  • She has appeared on several talk shows, including Oprah.
  • She is apparently an "unintentional reference" to Tommy Wiseau.[9]
  • Subject-004 has a crush on her.
  • Her profile picture on the Chiasm Forums is 'a grainy image of herself with “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” written on it.'[10]
  • There three things that make her angry: the Chaos Consortium, Lie Devourer, and an as yet unknown third thing.
  • She has written several articles on superhuman psychology, including Commonalities in breaches of physics (Hemsley, Cammaerts et al) (1987).
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