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Adamant is the leader of the Benefactor's League. She is an experienced one, having lead the group for ages and witnessing its founding.

Adamant has the power to read thoughts, but she has made her lack of physical superpowers up with a lot of technical progression including a robot arm.


Adamant is a professional, having gathered lots of knowledge through the years and continuing to do so. She is relatively nice, but despite her power not being enhancing of her own body, she is still a force to be reckoned with when angered.

It is mentioned she is still broken of the loss of Cudgel and Aeon, with whom she often worked together.

In other universes

Adamant is in the PMMM fan universe a prominent character. She is a veteran Puella Magi, for at least 15 years (which is also the canon amount of years she's been calling the shots) and is the leader of the Benefactor's League. About her design, it is said the bands around her ams and neck are actually robotic gadgets that are able to transform. She added them herself. Her design's concept was 'an intergalactic princess of knowledge forgotten by time' and is meant to mirror Device's design. The concept is also one in a progression of futuristic themes the Benefactor's League members posess. The location of her Soul Gem is 'meant to enhance her power'. It is unknown how this exactly happens, but it might be linked to her mental powers.

The ribbon around her hair is a reference to Rin and Len Kagamine.


  • She appears on the Star card in the Electrophoresis Tarot with a different hairstyle.