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564 is a Delta-class Threat in Electrophoresis, notable for being the only known superhuman with the threat class F+. Referred to by The Forest Viewer as "the worst power, in the worst package", 564 is known by the public as an untraceable mass-murderer, impossible to track or defeat.


About an hour before an attack, precognitive abilities start going haywire, which is described as a fairly reliable way to predict an attack. It is unknown what, if any, other possible warning signals there are.

The mysterious entity strikes in a straight line through a densely populated area. Said area is then littered with corpses and filled with hazards and traps for months following.

564 then vanishes for an average of 6 months stretches between attacks.

The name 564 is derived from the numerals carved into the back of a single person, following an attack. This is, as far as anyone can tell, their only calling card.

In other universes

In the PMMM AU, 564 is a witch, described as being similar to Walpurgisnacht. The rune text on its design read 'NO HOPE HERE 564'. Its description is as follows:

Witch of (...). Their Nature is (...). (...) being (...) death (...) '564'. (...) blood of countless victims, (...) empty (...) misery.

The (...) implies blacked out parts of the text. It should be noted that what may appear to be its head, is in fact a decoy. Behind it is a deformed version of 564 previous form's head, which is literally crying their eyes out. Only Augment and The Devouring Hate have seen it and lived.

New art from 2021 shows that 564's costume was a coat with Miku sleeves before becoming a witch. Their eyes still are not shown, although they are assumed to be red judging from the Soul Gem color (which is red, but heavily tainted, implying that this is not long before they did become a witch). The rest of their appearance is fairly in line with their appearance on the tarot card.


  • Thus far only two persons are known to have survived an attack by 564.
  • 564 has been rampaging for 6 1/2 years, according to the ChiasmARG. This makes them at least 13,5 years of age.
  • 564 is incredibly predictable.  It has only ever changed course once, when the Paris reactor was detonated, and it has only failed to show up once, when Los Angeles was expecting an attack and  none came.  This caused a mass panic.
  • 564's power is superlative.
  • 564's last apparent moment of happiness was their seventh birthday, according to K25fF.
  • 564 appears on the Death card in the Electrophoresis tarot. Death symbolizes an end and a beginning, especially those that are abrupt.